oldham technology Voice Service Pricing for Business


Our voip plans offer your organization over 73+ features to make your job
easier and provide more than just a dial tone – for one low, monthly price per seat.

how we work together

Simple pricing

We offer three simple packages month to month.

Better features

Our basic package features are our competitors top tier packages. You deserve to have all your needs included in the base price, not as an upgrade.

Award winning support

Customer service is available whenever you need it. We even fix problems other companies created.

Standard Voice Pricing

All pricing applies to new customers and is billed on a per-device basis.

Each company has their level of needs when it comes to communications. Which one are you?

1 to 4 users$19.95$30.95$39.95
5 to 9 users$17.95$26.95$34.95
10 to 24 users$15.95$24.95$31.95
25 to 49 users$14.95$22.95$28.95
50+ users$13.95$20.95$26.95

50+ Users

Custom Pricing Available

not finding what you are looking for?

Custom solutions for your unique business upon request